Our Services

I am a ME licensed Site Evaluator and a ME Licensed Soil Scientist with over 35 years of experience.  I have completed over 4000 wastewater septic designs over this time frame. Preliminary soil tests are performed usually for real estate sellers or prospective buyers.  These on-site soils tests are completed to assure a buyer that a home can be built upon the lot and meet current Maine Plumbing Code requirements for future home construction.  I meet with you or your agent on-site and investigate the site to determine whether soil and site conditions meet minimum standards for the proposed use.  The number of bedrooms for residential use and the proposed home location are taken into consideration during our investigation.  All alternatives for meeting requirements are considered and you or your agent are verbally informed as to the requirements on-site.  A brief report and sketch of the suitable location is completed and is our assurance to you that the lot meets the minimum requirements of the Code.Preliminary soils tests are usually done for clients who are either selling a lot or buyers who are buying the lot and are unsure of where they wish to build or who will not be building for several years.Full Designs are completed for clients who know what and where they want to build. 

Full Designs involve the completion of the State's HHE-200 forms and this is the application for a permit for construction of a subsurface wastewater disposal system. With this permit application you obtain a permit from the town for construction of the disposal system, a contractor then would be contacted for its installation.  Full designs are also required for replacement systems for existing homes or business and again we meet with the homeowner or his agent on-site and discuss all alternatives for construction of a working disposal system.  We work closely with the homeowner, contractor or agent to meet the needs of the client, we discuss alternatives and try to meet your needs within the framework of the Code.Both preliminary and full design fees are usually quoted as lump sum depending on the complexity of the use and the town where they are located.  I give quick turn around time and am flexible as to meeting you at your convenience.

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