About Us

I work with you, your real estate broker and or contractor to meet your needs.  My services are competitively priced and I can usually quote you a lump sum price before we set up an appointment.During this time frame I have completed over 4000 wastewater designs for satisfied clients.  I give quick and effective service, usually meeting with you on-site within a week notice and getting you a finish product within the next week.I am a Maine licensed Site Evaluator with over 35 years of experience designing septic systems and performing soil tests for landowners, home owners and home buyers.  For over 35 years this has been my full time occupation.

The Maine State Plumbing Code requires that homes that do not have access to municipal sewer must have a subsurface wastewater disposal system designed by a Maine Site Evaluator and installed by a contractor.We design replacement wastewater systems for existing homes, first time wastewater systems for proposed homes as well as more complex wastewater disposal systems for commercial structures.The Maine State environmental laws can be restrictive and it is particularly important when purchasing or proposing to develop a property to ascertain whether the proposal or lot meets Maine environmental rules and Maine Plumbing Code requirements for your proposed use.  We have been assisting clients in making these determinations and proposing alternatives for many years.We are here to help you solve your wastewater and soil investigative needs whether proposed or existing, whether buying or selling, whether commercial or residential.

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